The Game Improvement Specialist

The Golf Lab was born from the need for teaching professionals to quantify the improvement of amateur golfers. It is our mission to address the clients entire Skill Set when making our prescription for game improvement.

The Golf Lab is a unique environment built to give the amateur golfer the same Game Improvement and Game Enhancement tools that Touring Professionals have at their disposal every week. We take a 3 step approach to each of our specific disciplines:

  1. Initial Testing
  2. Prescription and Application
  3. Re-testing to quantify improvement

    The Golf Lab will take the guess work out of game improvement. We collect purely objective data and then interpret the results based on the norm's for both your Age and Handicap. Only after this process do we begin to apply purposeful change. Learning is an ongoing process and The Golf Lab is equipped to help guide you down the path to a better golf game.



Canada 2014 Olympics
February 06, 2014

Cheer Canada on at The Olympics with The Golf Lab and compete for a chance to win Mat Time and Golf Lessons!Answer on The Golf Lab's facebook page for a chance to win and "like" us facebook and twitter to...

March Break Camps
February 04, 2014

The Golf Lab prides itself on being able to evaluate the golfers entire skill set before making any prescriptions for technical skill acquisition or tactical game improvement.  This is accomplished through our 3-step approach to each of our specific disciplines:...

Golf Lab Testimonial - Power Golf
January 23, 2014

As your typical average golfer, you are always looking to hit the ball straighter and farther.  Who doesn’t want to beat their buddies on that Sunday afternoon?  Sometimes the practice range is simply not enough.  Enter Liam Mucklow and The...

Impact of Shaft Alignment Research Project
January 14, 2014

Does SST Pure Technology provide quantifiable improvement? Background: In recent years SST PURE shaft alignment technology has become the industry leader in their category. The benefits are an on-going debate in the golf community and after an exhaustive search the...